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( Feb. 24th, 2010 10:40 am)

Thanks to my very good friend Randy Perryman, is now live! It's a little light on content as yet, but I have a bio, publications and some snazzy art up. Go look!

Bwa haha!

Hey you all loyal readers,

I'm going to be over at Torquere_social Live Journal to promote my newest Release, A Running Start! in the latest Taste Test Anthology, Pushy LIttle Bottoms.

Come on over for smut, contests and a prompt contest to make us write stuff!
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( Aug. 19th, 2009 09:27 am)
Taste Test:
First, the official blurb:

Taste Test: Pushy Little Bottoms with stories by BA Collins, Taylor
Lochland, Jodi Payne

When is it hot to top from below? In the Pushy Little Bottoms Taste Test! In
Whatever You Want, by Taylor Lochland, Max needs a little more variety than
Connor's been giving him, even if their relationship is solid as a rock. He
needs Connor to do a little dominating, and he's happy to tell his man
exactly what he wants.

In A Running Start, by BA Collins, Jason is running from a bunch of drunks
who want nothing more than to beat his ass when he runs into biker Donald.
Donald is all sorts of hot, but Jason isn't sure the man won't finish the
job the drunks started. Can they find some common ground? Finally, in What
it Takes, by Jodi Payne, Fox is not sure he wants to give in to Jeffrey's
demands, but things always turn out so well when he lets his bottom push
that it's hard to say no. Can they both get what they want?

Get your copy today: from Torquere books.

Annnnd, here's a naughty little snip for it to get you all interested:



And it's good one. 3.5 out of 5. From Rainbow reviews...on my menage short story Grains of Paradise, just out last month from Torquere Press.

here, go look!

And for the Link-phobic:

I enjoyed this quick look into an unplanned menage that turns into much more than any of the participants expected. Vince is riding his Harley out for a solo day at the beach but is captivated by Jake and Maggie, out for a day on their own Harley. The bondage and slave paraphernalia Maggie is wearing are just too much for Vince to pass by without stopping to admire ~ closely.
To each of their own astonishment, Vince is invited to join married Jake and Maggie on their day of public bondage and quickly takes over the scene. Jake is surprised to find himself in a sub role and Maggie is surprised to find that she is as turned on by Jake in a sub role as she is by Vince in a Dom role.
Vince takes both Jake and Maggie into a public whipping and sex scene that is pretty scorching. In the mean time, he also seems to imprint on Jake and Maggie. Neither is sure of where they stand in the universe once the scene is over. Vince must step up or step out to help calm the suddenly lost couple.
This was a very hot BDSM story. Lots of toys, a lot of strong domination and with the girl thrown in, just a touch of emotion that may not come through had it just been the boys. It would have been a stronger story if both Vince and Jake stayed truer to character. Although Vince is a tough Dom for Jake and Maggie, the beginning of the book sets him up to be something of a henpecked boyfriend who allowed his girlfriend to throw away all of his BDSM toys at one time. And Jake starts off a strong Dom type with Maggie but soon caves to the sub side. The switches were done smoothly but they weaken the story. Even with this small problem it was a fun read.

A good review. I don't agree with her saying that it was weakened by Jake subbing. I thought that was the fun bit, honestly. But hey, it's a good review!
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( Jul. 15th, 2009 12:53 pm)
I'm excited today!

My second published story is released from Torquere Press today! Grains of Paradise is part of their Spice it Up! Line, and is a naughty m/m/f erotica tale of a kinky threesome of bikers who meet at Hampton beach one hot day in July.

You can buy it here, as an ebook. Since it's a short story, it's quite inexpensive!

Here's the cover picture, which I'm actually rather pleased with.

and here's a short excerpt to get you all interested:

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( Jun. 24th, 2009 12:27 pm)
This could get long. I have a lot of novels, several written and several in various stages of stuffed in a corner waiting for more inspiration. The trouble is that the new and shiny wants out and the old and mildly bored will drift along until I somehow get excited about it again. It being summer, all the various biker fiction things want out, particularly when I can just SIT here in my living room and listen to them go by on Maquam Shore Road (which is a nice ride along Lake Champlain).

In order of age and dilapitation:

Ice Rider! My first novel, actually done. But probably should stay in the trunk, because it was written a long time ago. Good to pull out again now and again to wince. A lot. It's serious background material for the Avalon/Tengri universe, though. The last half that mostly takes place in Avalon doesn't suck. The first half, written more than ten years ago? Ow.

Arada - same universe as the first, a long attempt at high fantasy (with smut). Not done, and needs extensive rewriting. I still like a lot of it, though. It may just stay as background/history for the Avalon/Tengri universe.

Steampunk-ish unnamed novel: sort of a what if steampunk of the Avalon/Tengri universe. Lots of stuff I enjoyed to write (it was a NaNoWriMo attempt). Not sure it will go anywhere without extensive work. Not done.

Dragonlady and the Hell Knight - done and edited and waiting for me to get my sh*t together and start querying agents.

Bike Week - done, but needs some work.

The Hunt Rides
- wow, 170K of wandering angst and biker mythology. I need to declutter it if it ever gets published.

Truenames (the trilogy) Part of the Avalon/Tengri world.

        Legacy of Dao - out to Dragon Moon  soon for consideration. Hopefully they will like it. :D

       Question of Trust - done and edited. Waiting for #1's fate.

       Emperor's Wishes - not done, kinda stuck-ish. I'll figure it out eventually.

Cripples - a menage novel, sort of contemporary biker fiction. About three people who are all cripples in their way getting together and healing each other. Kind of stopped, but could pick up with the right AHA! moment.

Cassie and the Slayers - another fantasy world, post apocalpytic modern day with magic. Great fun and lots of kinky smut. not done.

World of Snow - Werewolves and Norse mythology and the modern world. Well, my take on werewolves. Not White Wolf, no, no, not at all.

Good grief. I have too many projects

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( Jun. 19th, 2009 10:24 am)
After six weeks of simply squatting on the ID, I am playing here. I may set up a cross posting thingy from here to Livejournal if that works.

This is my really, I'm going to fricking update it, professional journal. If I don't self promote, nobody will do it for me.

Watch out, I'll be trying to set up a website next!
(I have zero html skillz, watch for humor).

Now, can we somehow convince dreamwidth to change from their cutsey pink color scheme? Blech.